tapestry Soccer camp

We will provide all registered kids with a snack (either a granola bar or fruit snack) and a drink (juice box) each day.We will also have access to plenty of water on site for kids to fill their own water bottles (please label all bottles). The camp itself will offer age appropriate drills and a daily scrimmage. 

As our camps fill up incredibly fast, we are working to increase capacity every year to accommodate as many kids as possible. As such, we are only allowing each family to sign up for one camp!

Dates: July 3-6

Location: 501 Sunset Drive (St. Timothy's Jr/Sr High)

Ages: K-6 (entering in Fall 2017)

Capacity: 80

Dates: July 16-19

Location: Bow Ridge Fields

Ages: K-6 (entering in Fall 2017)

Capacity: 45

Thank you so much for your interest. If you would like to keep apprised of future soccer or sports camp hosted by Tapestry please email: kelly@tapestrycochrane.ca