What to Expect

Because we believe we are a family created and brought together by the Gospel, we like to think of our Sunday morning gathering as a family get-together. We hope you will find the atmosphere to be informal and inviting, warm and friendly. Even more importantly, we hope you will find yourself connecting with people who are all works in progress, encouraging one another along in the journey towards being who we were created to be as God’s children and followers of Jesus. 

Typically, our gatherings include some time to express our love and devotion to God, as well as time to hear from him as we listen to what he has revealed of himself in the Bible. You might also hear a “God-story” about how God has been faithful in the life of some member of our family. Our goal as we come together is to worship God, celebrate the freedom we have in him, and to be better prepared to live in his love and mercy in our everyday lives. 

We like to keep our families together as much as possible, so most of our children stay with their parents through much of the worship time. At a certain point on most Sundays, younger children are dismissed to go have a quality age-appropriate teaching time, while the youth and adults stay for a Bible message prepared by one of our teachers. In the summer months (July and August), we keep the whole family in the room, with special activities provided to help the younger kids get the most from our time together. A nursery is provided for infants and toddlers throughout the year. For more information regarding children click here.