Tapestry Kids

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer Tapestry Kids on Sunday morning. We look forward to re-implementing this ministry in the coming months.


There is no group of people for whom we are more responsible for making disciples than our children and youth. Because we believe we are a Gospel family, we believe that this responsibility rests not only on the shoulders of our leaders, children’s workers, and parents, but also on all of us. As a church we will seek to help them grow in discipleship in ways that are appropriate to their ages. Here are some of the ways we will seek to do this:
  • Including our children as much as possible in our worship gatherings and gospel communities, and providing age-appropriate resources to help them process what the Bible teaches. 
  • Providing resources for parents to help their children understand the Gospel and develop a Gospel-centred worldview. 
  • Providing our children avenues of service alongside adults to help them grow in their own sense of mission and belonging to the family of God. 
  • Including them in as many of the above informal activities as possible, so that they may form relationships with godly men and women who can also be examples for them as they grow.


Nursery: Newborn to 2
Preschool & Kindergarten: Ages 3-5
Sunday School: Grades 1-6